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Our casino is known for its extensive number of games we have to offer to our visitors. We have been one of the best casinos in the city with a wonderful ambience and customer-friendly casino features. We not only offer a great gambling experience but many add-on features like awesome resorts suitable for the whole family, delicious cuisines from across the world, private pools, shopping arenas, theme parks and fun rides are all in store for our valuable customers. Our main motive is to entertain our customers in a wholesome manner and make their trip to our casino a memorable one and a good worth for the money spent. We have all types of games right from traditional to modern day games. But our main USP has been the wonderful BINGO gaming experience we provide to our casino players.We have a dedicated and exclusive floor for Bingo players and the bingo hall is spaciously designed,

In order to make the players feel at ease while playing.We have a well-organized team to take up the show in a smooth and fair way. We offer our bingo players with electronic bingo devices to help them play better. Apart from this we offer a microphone to our customers to make their voice audible while they shout their BINGO. This ensures that our players do not miss their Bingo’s. We provide our customers with Beer and other snacks right to their table and make their gaming experience a truly fun filled experience. The Prizes won by them are also presented to them at their own tables. In case of any disputes, our floor managers are there to help our players and sort out the problem in the most justifiable manner. Customer safety and satisfaction is our main focus and we always strive hard to maintain both these factors.

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